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American Disability Rights Inc. (AmDisRights) is to advocate for the civil rights and benefits essential to Americans with disabilities.

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Through community education, outreach, and activism, we promote cultural and social acceptance of people with disabilities by increasing awareness, visibility, and empathy.

Our contribution is to focus on upholding the rights of the disabled to live as fully and independently as possible by securing proper protections and inclusion for service dogs and emotional support animals when prescribed as part of an individual’s treatment plan.

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Help us build an inclusive community where all can thrive and participate fully.

For an America as diverse as its dreams, we must build communities where all can participate and belong.

Americans with disabilities deserve full access, rights, and accommodations to live, work, learn, and play without barriers or stigma.

When we remove obstacles and embrace disabilities, we move closer to an equitable society that benefits from the talents of all.

Stimulate: Socials

Spread awareness. Lift voices. Change attitudes.
Share posts supporting disability rights to help create a society of equal access and inclusion for all.

Empower: Donations

Donate to create change. Your individual gift supports the disability community's fight for equal rights, accessibility, and inclusion in society.

Motivate: Fundraising

Give a gift that changes lives!
Support a disability rights fundraiser and transform celebrations into meaningful impact for equal access and justice.

Rally: Events

Get involved to drive change!
Attending disability rights events helps build community, raise awareness, and push for the policy reforms needed to achieve equal access and full inclusion.

American Disability Rights Inc. (AmDisRights) advocates for the rights and benefits of Americans with disabilities, promoting cultural and social acceptance.

We focus specifically on upholding disabled individuals’ right to use prescribed service dogs and emotional support animals, which provide critical mobility, medical alert, and therapeutic assistance. AmDisRights educates the public on service animal access rights under the law, aiming to increase awareness that these highly trained dogs are not just pets but crucial disability aids. We campaign against policies restricting service animal access or discriminating based on disability.

More broadly, AmDisRights pursues advocacy for disability rights and inclusion in healthcare, education, employment, housing, and transportation. They promote accommodations and universal design so disabled individuals can fully participate in society with independence and dignity.

Overall, AmDisRights strives to shape attitudes to be more inclusive, give voice to disability perspectives, and advance equal treatment and opportunity for Americans with disabilities.

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